Why Choose NSK Consultants

  • Driving ideas for better investment
  • Bridging culture, business and market gaps
  • Compressing misperception
  • Creating knowledge and business opportunities

Under the pioneering leadership of Dr. Nasser S. Bin Kadasah, NSK Consultants delivers inclusive growth and significant development. In 2006, we began leading and fostering business success for local and foreign businesses, by developing emerging companies and projects.

Holding a unique position of identifying clients’ exact needs and goals to deliver outstanding solutions with meaningful advice and operational excellence while balancing cost and time.

A one-stop shop offering investment, business set-up advice, project development, market and feasibility studies, soft and commercial loans and bespoke business support solutions with great satisfaction and wonderful experience.

Our consultants help companies analyse the Saudi market, impale it and develop their businesses. To achieve Vision 2030, we facilitate the transfer of technology and the know-how to the Saudi market.

NSK Consultants empowers investors to invest in Saudi Arabia, to capture the greatest opportunities and effectively mitigate the associated risks. We provide excellent business support solutions that can make all the difference.



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