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Driving Ideas for Better Investment
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Transferring Technology and Know-How to Saudi Arabia and Implementing Projects
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We Create Memorable Business Expansion Experience in KSA
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Industrial and Financial Services

NSK Consultants offers comprehensive industrial and financial services in various sectors, tailored to meet the clients’ requirements.

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Consulting and Business Development Services

NSK Consultants offers inclusive consulting and business development services designed to deliver the finest solutions to start and develop businesses in Saudi Arabia.

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Advisory and Project Implementation Services

NSK Consultants offers advisory and project implementation services in collaboration with its partner, Equinoccio.

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Company Formation Services

In its capacity as a local business expert, NSK Consultants can establish any type of foreign company or project in Saudi Arabia and takes care of the future action steps to operate freely.

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Government Relations (GR) and Public Relations Officer (PRO) Services

NSK Consultants has an in-house team of dedicated experts and professionals who possess problem- solving and operation management skills to overcome challenges and issues. We maintain your company, keep it up to date and ensure smooth business operation in a new territory. 

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Employee Outsourcing Services

As a support partner, NSK Consultants offers a comprehensive employee outsourcing solutions to source, employ expatriates and Saudi nationals in full compliance with Saudi labor law and other applicable regulations to execute and complete projects through experts and professionals.

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Human Resources Services

As an HR partner, catering to your human resources requirements, NSK Consultants helps you to source, employ and manage the best human talent in the industry, meeting the needs of your strategic workforce planning.

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Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Support

NSK Consultants, with its partners and associates, offers a trusted accounting solution to foreign companies entering the Saudi market. The services ranging from bookkeeping, payroll and GOSI in full compliance with accounting and tax regulations in Saudi Arabia in a most cost-effective manner.

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Serviced and Shared Office Space

NSK Consultants offers fully serviced, well-furnished office and office space with IT support and great facilities at prime locations, in an affordable manner, accommodating our client’s needs.

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IT and Translation

NSK Consultants can help its foreign clients with IT support through experts in order to ensure the proper functioning of their system.

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