How Our Industrial and Financial Services Help Local and Foreign Businesses

Industrial projects usually entail large investments and the use of complex technology in production facilities. First idea, through to initial production is typically a major undertaking, that takes years to complete.

When a company intends to start an industrial project, or plant in its own or another country to carry out manufacturing, processing, fabrication or similar activities, it should ensure that the current conditions are being met. Project success is determined by many factors, but feasibility and market studies, as well as financing are crucial.

A project feasibility study is a detailed study of all aspects of a project that is based on a set of assumptions that will determine whether or not the project is feasible. As a result, it saves a lot of time and effort for many investors and business owners when establishing a project. The document also provides alternative solutions to numerous threatening risks, as well as comprehensive details about the project. Prior to the implementation of any project, a feasibility study is essential because it provides the basis for re-evaluation of a project and identifying the desired objectives. In addition, the study analyzes the various elements of the project in order to obtain the best-expected profits from the project.

The market study helps to identify the needs of the target market and to create a product that will satisfy these needs. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate how new products can be developed through a well planned and executed marketing research to enhance and maintain efficiency, high production standards and effective marketing operation. In addition, it reduces the uncertainty surrounding the decisions to be made.

Turning a dream project into a reality involves numerous steps, but it mainly depends on the funding. Receiving funding for a project from an external source helps sponsors to raise funds for long-term projects. It provides a platform for ideas and creativity that can help businesses thrive and reach their maximum potential. The balance of risk and chance is critical when financing industrial projects. Quantifying the potential value and evaluating the risks associated with the project requires successfully forecasting scenarios for factors influencing the project’s economics.

NSK Consultants understands in-depth the nature and the requirements of the project to turn it into a successful one. We offer comprehensive industrial and financial services in various sectors, tailored to meet the requirements of our local and international clients. Our services are:

  • Preparing Feasibility Study
  • Preparing Marketing Study
  • Facilitating Required Licensing and Registration
  • Facilitating Soft and Commercial Loans
  • Facilitating Land Allocation for Industrial Projects

At NSK Consultants, we have undertaken several projects and facilitated what was needed for the appropriate time to develop the project as quickly and prompt as possible.


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