About us

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Our Vision

To bridge the gap between foreign investment and the local market and to ensure the long-term success for both local and foreign businesses.

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Our Mission

As an FDI business development and industry expert, we help simplify the development of local and foreign businesses, projects and technology transfer. We deliver great results, growth and contribute greatly to the ultimate success of our clients.

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Our Value Proposition

Holding a unique position of identifying clients’ exact needs and goals to deliver outstanding solutions with meaningful advice and operational excellence while balancing cost and time.

A one-stop-shop offering investment, business set-up advice, project development, market and feasibility studies, soft and commercial loans and bespoke business support solutions with great satisfaction and wonderful experience.

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Our Purpose

NSK Consultants supports you to cut through the complexity of market entry for business setup and project development in Saudi Arabia. We provide overarching solutions to problems, to create unrivalled customer value and make a sustained impact.

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Our Expertise

NSK Consultants holds functional expertise and local knowledge to navigate challenges and uncertainties. We guide foreign businesses to focus on what matters most and create successful business expansion and project development in unfamiliar territory. Our group helps businesses to capture existing, untapped potential and new economic opportunities to make them more competitive. 

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Our Pricing Strategy

We are committed to deliver quality services to meet and satisfy the demands of our clients. However, our service charges are comparatively less than the highest level of quality services our clients receive from us.


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